I am what I am…

and that’s all that… you know the rest, right?

In case you are unfamiliar, #ArchiTalks is an ongoing series of various architects all blogging about a particular subject, posted on the same day (see the links at the bottom of the page).  Bob Borson from Life of an Architect comes up with a subject that attempts to show the diversity of the individuals within the architecture profession. This month, he decided that we should should look deep within ourselves and reveal “Why I am an Architect”. 

I’ve been thinking about this one for a few weeks and keep coming back to the same initial reaction. This has got to be one of the worst subjects he has come up with. Maybe I think this one’s not a knock it out of the ballpark type of subject because it seems to have such an extremely simple answer to me.

Why am I an architect?  Because that’s what I am.

You might as well be asking why is the sky blue, or why a dog barks.  To me it’s not some choice I made in college or some career path some guidance counselor suggested I go down, it’s a part of me.  The education and experiences are just refinements to a pre-existing condition.  I spend my weekends looking at the buildings around me, I spend the my winding down time before bed looking at Houzz on my iPad, my Twitter feed, Facebook page, and Instagram account are chalk full of architects and architecture.

You probably think I’m pulling your leg, it couldn’t possibly be that easy. For me, yeah, it really is.  When I hear stories of people who got into college and didn’t know yet what career they wanted, the comp,teeth flabergasts me. Are you kidding?  I’ve been able to describe the specific career/lifestyle that I wanted since somewhere around second grade. I was drawing building exteriors and interiors ever since I can remember. I wish I could find some of those old drawings, I bet I would have a good laugh looking back on those.

These days when I get some spare moments between actual work projects, house projects, and keeping up with the kids, you can still find me tinkering around with my favorite childhood architectural inspiration, Legos. I just choose to ignore those age listings on the box, those are just suggestions anyways.


Just a few of the architecture series, that I have built.  But I dabble with other sets too.

Did I actually ever answer the question, I really don’t know if I did or didn’t. How do you find a reason for being you?  Honestly, I’m just glad that I always knew this is what was meant for me, and I pushed myself hard enough to make it happen (with plenty of help along the way).

Maybe lightning will even strike twice.  My daughter decided in kindergarten she wanted to follow in daddy’s footsteps and be an architect when she grew up. I think she’ll be getting lots a sketch books, drawing utensils and yes… Legos in her future

Her first “Architecture” project. Daddy didn’t even help.

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