Summer Vacation

After finishing all the years of school, I figured that summer vacations would be a thing of the past. Vacations could happen anytime of year and I could go wherever I wanted. Then I got married to a teacher and had a couple of kids.  Welcome to a permanent school schedule. Oh yeah, then I remembered I work in architecture and I think the exact phrase is… “What’s a vacation?”  So in this the, oh who am I kidding, I have no idea what number this is in the #ArchiTalks series, our task is to discuss this elusive and often non-existent subject.

Luckily, I’ve typically been able to squeak out a week during the summer most years, but that has pretty much consisted of either going to visit family, or spending time while they come here, not going to some exotic locale in southern France. Did I mention I was a dad. Next summer though, that will be a completely different story. Shhhh, don’t tell my daughters.

I’m not exactly sure what most people think architects do on vacation, but I can take a pretty good guess.  Visit some building or space that no one has heard of except architects, and do a lot of oooohs and aaaahs over here things that most people completely overlook.   Well…. I can’t really argue with that one, but you can add a lot of things that are a little more traditional vacation activities. And as it happens, this is exactly the week that I am squeaking, i.e. spending time with family. So not to be an excuse, but I’m going to make this short and sweet, because I have a baseball game to go to.

Food, fireworks, family, and architecture.  Shouldn’t it really be that simple?  I’m going to take the advice from the AIA here, the #ilookup campaign, and while visiting a not quite local area, slow down and look up. I bet I will be surprised by what I find.

Oh yeah, and just a hint to everyone who’s not an architect.  If you see someone at the Museum of Modern Art in FW and they are rubbing the concrete like it was a fine piece of silk, don’t worry it’s normal. Well at least for architects it is.

Oh, did I mention I have a baseball game to go to.

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  2. Sounds a lot like my ‘vacations’. We generally end up outside Atlanta or in the hills of KY to spend time with family. I try to fit in the architecture, but it usually just ends up being food and family. And sometime fireworks.


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