Architecture = Change

Let’s be honest here, change is what we do, it’s what we are, and hopefully not what we work for.  … More

You do you

Maybe I’ve been listening to way to much pop music when I came up with that title, but it seemed … More

Back to School

Backpacks, pencils, paper, and a Trapper Keeper.  When I was in elementary school, that’s what I remember having to bring … More

Summer Surprise

It’s 9:00 at night, and it’s 90 degrees outside…. Yeah, it’s definately summertime.  I’m back from the baseball game  In case … More

Dear Future Architects

If you read enough articles about architecture, eventually you will come across one (at least one) that gives some sort … More

A Little Premature

For this month #Architalks post, well let’s be honest, this is really the December and January post, we were tasked … More

Citizen Architect

It almost sounds like the title to a politically charged action thriller. Well, almost.  This month’s #ArchiTalks subject, and an … More