You look like…

When I wake up in the morning and get ready for the day, there are usually a few moments I look in the mirror and make sure I am at least presentable for the day ahead. With two daughters to help get ready as well, those moments have become fewer and fewer. Typically nothing I see in the mirror will come as a shock. There is the occasional ‘What the!’ moment, but not very often. I’ve become pretty accustomed to what I am seeing, and unless you have a very different mirror than I do, I’m pretty sure you are too. I say all this because what I see is “Father, Husband, Architect”. It’s the tag line I use for quite a few social media description sections, and I think it describes me pretty well.

When I overheard someone the other day talking about me, it took me by quite surprise.  “He’s really smart and knows his stuff, but he doesn’t look like an architect.”  —- ?? Say What ??  How do I not look like an architect?  Ok, ok, I wasn’t wearing all black that day, and I don’t wear the perfect circle glasses so predominant among some architects, but like I said “Father, Husband, Architect”.  It’s not exactly a long list. To further my confusion, I was listening to a colleague tell me a story about how he was told not to be a designer, because he didn’t look the part, and should really consider sticking with the production side of architecture. Wow!!!
So, let’s analyze where some others would likely end up based on this.
Ahhh Mies… The stogie, a deep stare, and just the hint of a grin saying ‘I know something that you will never understand’.  For some reason I am expecting Tony Soprano to come in from the other room and kiss the ring that he is hiding in that pocket. I’m definitely thinking Mob Boss, just don’t get near any pier holes.
Mr. Ando…  The more relaxed look without a tie, the simple grin, and the raised eyebrows that seem to represent a deep curiosity. As the symphony ended, I can imagine him turning around to take a bow for an amazing performance that only he could have conducted.
Renzo Piano… The slender stature, gray hair, plaid suit and sweater vest.  Is there any doubt that we should all be sitting in a classroom learning about early American colonialism from this great history professor. A fedora and a whip would definitely be pushing it in this case.
I’m not sure if it’s the suit, the bow tie, or the black and white grainy photo, but I can’t help but think of Harry Houdini. Perhaps Mr. Wright would be an amazing magician making 5 ton rocks float above a river, oh wait…
Mr. Gehry…  Hmmmm, that big smile, deep wrinkles, and slim glasses scream of a man that has studied and reviewed millions of films from every genre. As a film critic, he would absolutely have an opinion as to whether it was thumbs up or down.  Ok…. Maybe a different finger.

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