8 Architectural Nights

I’m sure you’ve seen a bunch of lists about what an architect would love to get for a present on that other holiday. Well, I can all but guarantee that this will be the first on what to get an architect for the eight crazy nights of Chanukah. After months of research consisting of thinking about the items I would like, and in honor of the first night, I came up with this list.
1. Moleskin sketchbook. Almost every architect I know has some sort of sketchbook, might as well go with a classic here. 

2. Lamy Safari fountain pen.  I’ve had one of these since college, and it always has been a great pen.  A great companion to the sketchbook above.

3. Pencil bluetooth stylus by FiftyThree.  This is a really great stylus that has the weight and feel of a true carpenters pencil. It’s pretty cool how my iPad knows which side of the pencil I am using to sketch and react accordingly, and apparently the apps that are able to utilize this stylus correctly is growing, nice.     


4. Lego Architecture Studio. Are you kidding me, who wouldn’t want this, architect or not?  This has got to be one of the coolest Lego sets out there. No directions, and an inspiration book to get you started, awesome!  I don’t know about all the other architects out there, but I always give Legos partial credit for me wanting to become an architect when I grew up. Well, I became an architect, still working on becoming a grown up. 

5. Canon Rebel T5i. I’ve been looking at getting a DSLR for quite a while now, and I’m pretty much sold on this one. It’s a great camera for someone who doesn’t want to plop down a big investment on hardware that a professional would need, but it has plenty of options and power behind it. With the use of social media and digital technology, supposedly people are taking more pictures than ever, and I want mine to look good.

6. Beats Bluetooth headphones. Every so often at work, you just have to knuckle down, shut out the rest of the office, and get down to serious work. When that happens I always grab my headphones and crank up the music. I’ve tried these out a couple of times, and they sound awesome, plus now there is no cord to get in the way of your sketch. 
7. Western Digital portable hard drive. Ok, so now your taking tons of digital pictures, listening to digital music, and sketching like crazy on your tablet; you’re gonna need a lot of storage space to store all those files. 2 Terabytes huh, I think just maybe that might work. 



8. Concrete Menorah (C3C5). You probably figured I had to have something like this on the list, in this case I am happy to oblige. A concrete and pewter menorah, if that doesn’t scream “cool”, I don’t know what does.  For years the only menorahs you could ever find were either very traditional or meant for young kids. In recent years though, I have been able to find a lot of very well designed ones that fit every style out there.

I hope you liked the list and got some ideas on what to get your favorite architect for Hanukkah.  If your feeling generous and would like to get me anything on here, leave a message, I’ll be sure to get you my contact info. 😃
P.S.  I know I spelled Hanukah different ways here… They’re all correct. Go figure. 

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