Come on, let’s get out of here.

Just got home from a long day of meetings over RFI’s, submittals, and various other things that have been occurring on the project I am currently working on. It’s one of the more complex projects I have ever been involved in. 5 different buildings on one site with almost every different situation you can think of. And I am thinking to my self, what can I write about that one of the other architecture blogs hasn’t already covered?

Currently, you can find advice on how to sketch better, how to pass the ARE exams, and even what ‘The internet of things’ is. Every one of them a virtual cornucopia of advice and knowledge completely willing to share their vast experience with you. So… what can I add to the mix? Well, put down your pen, put away the study guides, and turn off the internet for a while. I know, sounds completely contradictory to what I would normally say. Now, get out to the job site!

The is no better place to learn about how the materials we draw actually come together. Walking around the job site today, I saw things I had never seen before. This happens almost every time I get out there.

Steel baffles being suspended.

Mock up for building material approval.

A sea of form work for grade beams.

Brick ledge detail for a recess in the facade.

Get out there and see how what you drew turns into reality. If you work somewhere that isn’t offering you the opportunity to get out to the site, ask to do it, find a way, keep bugging them till they do it. You’ll be glad you did.


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