The Technology of my Time


It’s the end of another weekend, and as I am trying to relax for the night and my mind keeps going over the things that I need to work on for the upcoming week. Review the consultant drawings, coordinate one of the BIM models I am currently working on, get the submittals back contractor, so on, and so on. The point that is hitting me though is not the fact that I have all of these different things to try to get to; but the fact that with all of the tools that are now available to me, I am able to get to all of them.

I think the fact that I am watching The Iron Man movie has inspired me to write an entry about the varying tools we create (technology), and how it helps us in so many different ways. There are some pretty cool toys in that movie. Who do I need to know to test out stuff like that.

All of this has got me to wondering though, what different types of modern technology do people use in their work, or even their hobbies? Beyond the obvious software packages for general office work and the typical drafting programs, what are the hidden gems you find indespinsible? Recently I have begun to really enjoy using Flipboard. I can get tons of SoMe links and news headlines/articles in one place, all laid out like a magazine.

I’d love to hear what else is out there. Who knows, I might find the next big thing from a suggestion that I won’t be able to live without.



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